What it is

TradingOnSteroids.com makes it possible for you and anyone else to trade without knowing a single thing about trading.
Geo-politics, economics and news affect trading greatly but you don’t need to know about anything.
Members have access to my trade movements and get notified instantly.
Invest profitably by copying me!

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Use Your Phone

It’s all you need!
Members get notified about my trade movements via email.
We all have our email in our smartphones, right?
You’ll be notified in real time!
Just copy what I suggest using the trading app on your phone!
A live opening/closing positions record is posted in the members panel wall as well.

My Guarantee

Trading has no guarantees.
However, I make a living trading. And it is a great lifestyle!
You can have it too!
You can test me 7 days for free! Join today and use virtual money. Check the profits you could make before commiting! Once you are ready, use real money.
Remember to only use funds you are ready to loose, just in case!

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The CopyTrading Concept

CopyTrading is not a new concept. But when you give funds to a trader for copytrading, the amount used is just a small percentage of the available capital. As a result, if you block $1000.00 for a trader, the amount invested by the trader may only be $100. Investing that, he will make only a few bucks here and there for you. The trader never invests more than that to keep his risk down at the platform.

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Make real money, daily

Members receive live instant notifications on what stock to invest on, BUY or SELL, the TP (Take Profit) and SL (Stop Loss) objectives and how much. It may be 10%, 30% or even 50% of your available capital, depending on my risk assesment. This results in great returns for the same $1000.00.
Ready? Imagine making 41% on just a few days?

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Start with virtual money

There is absolutely no risk! Join completely free for a week. Use your trading demo account with virtual money and see how it goes without risking a single dollar. Then, decide if this is for you. Have you made money in your demo account during the week? Become a paid member only if you did!
I want you to know what I can do for you. Just test me.

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Ready to start?

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